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TWE 40

  • Freestanding, high spin washer
  • Compact & modern space-saving design
  • Large loading and unloading doors
  • Choice of liquid and powder detergent in 5 (TWE 24-28) or 6 (TWE 40) compartment frontal dispenser
  • Standard equipped for automatic soap dosing
  • Drum and tub, as well as front and top panels made of robust and durable high-quality stainless steel AISI 304
  • Ceramic coated shaft for longer life due to less friction on sealing surfaces
  • Highly flexible and freely programmable control with advanced 7” colour display 
  • USB connection in the front for quick data transfer


Contact: +9714 2672125, +9715 01001175 (DUBAI) | +91 8589001175 (INDIA)

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